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Web Design Process

This is to guide you through the 8 Step Design process that your new website will go through from initial contact, to launch of your brand new website!

  1. Determining your requirements

    We need to establish what your company requires from the new website, background information on your business - products/services, target audience, purpose and so on.
  2. Agreement of proposal

    We can now create you a proposal based on the requirements provided to us - this is a basic outline of your site structure and the costs involved.
  3. Design Process

    At this stage we require information from you on how you wish your website to look and work. Your company logo, any printed materials you have for your business (flyers, business stationery etc) and if possible a draft of content. If you have seen any websites that you like the "look" of then send us a link explaining what it is you like - this will all help us to determine what it is you require for your website.
  4. Preliminary Layout

    We will create some initial mock-ups for your new website for you to review. Your feedback is essential for us to develop a website that is exactly how pictured it.
  5. Establishing the look of your website

    Based on your feedback from the mock-ups Foran Enterprise will complete a working design ready for use throughout your website - once approved we are ready for inserting the final content.
  6. Optimisation of images & content

    During this phase we work on any images that you wish to use on your website - reducing them in size and optimising them for best visibility with the smallest file size (and therefore faster download).
  7. Final proof reading and testing

    Now your website is almost ready, just one last step to go. Foran Enterprise endeavours to ensure that there are no spelling mistakes on your website - but we request that you do a final proof read of the site and test that it is all working to your satisfaction prior to going live.
  8. Your brand new website goes 'live'

    Your site is published for the world to see, it is now ready for you to start advertising it to drive visitors to the site - swap links with other websites, tell your friends and add your web address to your print materials. Foran Enterprise will submit your URL (web site address) to Google and other search engines.