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MailMaker is the email marketing service provided by Foran Enterprise. We offer very competitive rates. You can choose between a very cost effective monthly delivery rate starting from €42 (the cost depends on the size of your list) or purchase Pre-Paid Credits in advance to use when you wish.

Read on for further details about Setup, Design and Delivery charge


  • To setup a MailMaker account. No Charge
  • To provide the code for your website designer to add the newsletter signup form to your website. Any new email addresses will be automatically added to your online subscriber list in your MailMaker account. No Charge

To create a subscriber list from an imported list of email addresses is no charge if the database is provided as one file in excel or csv format. If your data is from a number of sources and needs work we can create your database for you. An hourly charge of €50 applies. Usually a maximum of 3 to 4 hours should suffice.

Newsletter Design

The creation of a re-useable email newsletter template in line with your company branding costs from €390. This template would have links to your website, a link for email, links to your Facebook page, LinkedIn and Twitter as appropriate. See some examples here.

This template will be tested against popular spam filters and firewalls and tested for compatibility with all the major email clients. It includes an unsubscribe option necessary to be standards compliant.

Newsletter Delivery

As mentioned above you may choose between the cost effective monthly delivery rate or the option to purchase Pre-Paid credits.

Summary of Monthly Delivery Cost Charges:

Great if you're sending at least once a month. All our powerful features for one low price.

Total Subscribers
per month
Send Limit per month
Cost per email*
per month
2,500 emails
From 8.4c
501 - 2,500
per month
12,500 emails
From 3.34c
per month
25,000 emails
From 2.7c
per month
50,000 emails
From 2.2c
per month
75,000 emails
From 1.9c
 We’ll automatically move you between tiers based on how many subscribers you have, so you'll never pay more than you need.

Note: Please bear in mind that it is advisable to send regular newsletters, monthly is best. Using a monthly rate allows you to freely resend a campaign to those who didn't open it without bothering those that did! You can also send a targeted message to a small group or send a special offer to those subscribers who clicked on a particular link - all without worrying about extra charges.
This is how you can really harness the power of email marketing.

Example of Pre-Paid Credits Option:

Great if you don't need to send a campaign every month.

The pre-paid credit system starts at €250 – credits can be used over many months. Credits must be requested from us in advance. We will issue an invoice and allocate the credits to your account on receipt of a bank transfer. It’s not as immediate as the monthly system so you need to keep an eye on your credit level if you plan to send a campaign at the weekend for example.

Every campaign has a campaign charge of 500 credits plus one credit per email sent. For example if you send to a list of 3,000 email addresses you will be charged 500 credits plus 3,000 credits = 3,500 credits in total from your balance of pre-purchased credits.

Note: the per-campaign charge of 500 credits applies to every campaign irrespective and in addition to the credits used for the number of emails sent.

Credits are pre-purchased at a sliding rate from 5 cent to 2 cent depending on the amount purchased. See table below:

Up to 25,000 @ 5 cents each
25,000 to 50,000 @ 4.2 cents each
50,000 to 100,000 @ 3.5 cents each
100,000 to 250,000 @ 2 cents each

A minimum purchase of 5,000 credits applies.

So in our example above if you purchased 5,000 credits @ €250 you could send your campaign to your combined lists of 3,000 people using up 3,500 credits and still have 1,500 credits remaining in your account.

(Please note that credits must be paid for in advance. There must be credits in the account for any auto-responders to continue working).


Contact Us if you would like to get started with email marketing. We'd be happy to help.